Freedom under Fire

Freedom under Fire is one of the best known clasically liberal educational shows in the Polish Internet. The show was inspired by „Free to Choose” by Milton Friedman. We aim to educate Polish society about the changes that need to be implemented in our economy so we can be more prosperous, wealthy and free nation. Recently, we have made our second international episode – „The Swedish Myth” about the fallacies of the so called „Swedish welfare paradise”. In order to watch it, just click here!


Episode 1: Deregulation

Episode 2: EU Subsidies for Entrepreneurs

Episode 3: Third Sector Under Coercion

Episode 4: Bureaucracy vs. Entrepreneurs

Episode 5: University

Episode 6: Emigration for Freedom

Episode 7: Polish School

Episode 8: Powerless Citizens

Episode 9: Weapon for a Normal People

Episode 10: Hope for a Change

Episode 11: Freedom of Speech

Episode 12: The Swedish Myth

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