The Forgotten School of Cracow Economics

The Forgotten School of Cracow Economics is undoubtedly one of the biggest movie projects in the history of the Polish liberty movement.

Even Polish people don’t realize, that the Austrian School of Economics was not the only European school which put emphasis on the importance of the free market and exchange. We are currently producing a 40-minutes long documentary about the Cracow School in Economics, which existed in the Interwar Period in the city of Cracow.

We are bringing it back to life!

How do we do this? We have started a successful crowdfunding campaign, in which we collected almost 40 000 PLN (around 10 000 USD) – and believe us – with Polish liberty movement still so young and in early stage of developement, this is a HUGE amount of money.

Please, watch our promotional video!

Stay tuned! The post-production is in progress!