Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation was established in September 2012 to provide students with new solutions in education. Teaching in the spirit of individual freedom linked with responsibility is the core of our mission. But our new approach is not only about content, it’s also about form. Our two Academies have very practical features. We deliver knowledge and practical tools students can apply in their lives.


Thanks to broad scholarship offer for best graduates we are helping them to advance their careers. By crafting political and business leaders we want to make Poland more free and business friendly country in the future.

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“Our mission is to educate people, especially the youth, and equip them with tools for effective activism for freedom. Our projects reach further and further, which is possible thanks to the worldwide network which we co-create. This way, we change a small, Polish organisation into an international center of liberty education. Our impact goes beyond Poland, and even Europe, by organizing Project Arizona in the United States. We do it because we want to effectively defend freedom, without unnecessary restrictions.”

Jacek SpendelCEO, Founder

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