Without a doubt, Ludwig von Mises was one of the most important economists in history. Unfortunately, he is commonly known and appreciated only in a narrow circle of experts and enthusiasts – ordinary people don’t know him or his extraordinary achievements. We are going to change this by telling Mises’s story in the form of a movie.

We believe that our movie will be a breakthrough in communicating about Liberty. The main character was a real hero – and he deserves to be shown as such. A fearless intellectual, scientist, teacher and in some sense a social inventor, Mises showed that human action is an important area of study, and that we all need to work to secure the blessings of liberty. But at the same time he was a conscript, refugee, husband, friend. A normal everyday person, somebody like our professor or a neighbor. We want to show that interesting combination, and to stress that in every freedom fighter lies a spark of genius. We hope our movie showing the great character of Ludwig von Mises will inspire others to find and fan their own sparks to spread freedom.

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