In 2016, Liberty International conceptualized Project Arizona to provide a small group of selected students a chance to study, work with local freedom champions, and deepen their understanding of American history, culture, values, and effective ways of communicating these ideas to the world. In 2023 Project Arizona will be back with its 7th edition at Phoenix, Arizona. This six-week intensive academic program explores the mechanisms of free market economy and foundations of the American political and constitutional system and is suitable for both students and graduates from all over the world.

Participating students will enrich their learning through visits and volunteering in local organizations, which cater to a range of socio-economic needs. Project Arizona 2023 will take place between mid October until the end of November. Actual course start dates will be published soon.

Described as a “program that any freedom lover should want to do at least once in a lifetime” by Jorge Galicia, a graduate from the 2019 class, Project Arizona inspires people from all over the world to consider the world in a new way, and return home with different and innovative ideas for their own countries. This edition will open admissions for a select group of 10 people from all over the world and will focus on 4 main branches: academic, volunteer, network, and cultural immersion.

Studying in small seminar groups with a specialist tutor, enables participants to study their subject in meaningful detail. Students attend daily lecture programmes given by experts in the field and authors: the lecturers include justice Clint Bolick, Krystal Slavinski, Victor Oleynik, Jonathan Barth; as well as special invited guests and entrepreneurs who will enrich the students with practical experience and networking opportunities.

Applications will have two main deadlines: January the 15th, 2022, and March the 20th, 2022. After these two dates pass, applications will be held on a rolling-basis for the next year’s course consideration. Applicants are advised to apply as soon as possible in order to increase the chances of getting a scholarship and to begin funding their trip early with the help of the project arizona team and Raise Me to The Top fundraising campaign. Prospective students may apply now at