Join us for the launch of the International Work Migration Index on March 5th, 2023, at 2 PM GMT! Our special guests, Per Bylund, Tom G. Palmer, Bryan Caplan, Jacek Spendel, Dmytro Lyvch, and Kate Shapovalenko, will share valuable insights on the important topic of migration. The event is organized by Liberty International in collaboration with Atlas Network and EasyBusiness.

We believe people should be free to choose any place to pursue their dreams. Work migrants bring diversity and new perspectives to a society, and contribute to economic growth through their skills, talents and hard work. They also help to address labour shortages in certain industries. Excessive bureaucracy and rising administrative costs can prevent people from pusuinng work opporutnities overseas. We want to shed light on how much time and money the regulations take for an ordinary work migrant. Therefore, Liberty International has launched the International Work Migration Index.

The International Work Migration Index is a valuable resource that measures and tracks the time and monetary costs associated with international work migration. It takes into account a wide range of factors, including visa application fees, legal costs, and other expenses related to moving out of one’s home country. The index also tracks the time it takes to complete various steps of the migration process, such as obtaining a work visa or finding suitable housing.