This year’s Milton Friedman Legacy Day will take place in Łódź from September 22nd to 24th, and it will also celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Libertarian Association (Stowarzyszenie Libertariańskie). The theme of the event will be accompanied by a vaporwave motif. Early bird tickets are available for sale only until June 15th!

The choice of this style is intentional. We want to show that the memory of triumphant neoliberalism, the opening of borders, and the beginnings of capitalism in Poland are powerful tools of thought and imagination. However, we do not want to treat vaporwave aesthetics as nostalgic. We want to reassess it and remind liberals and libertarians of the times when the market was moving forward at a fast pace,” explains Dr. Marcin Chmielowski, Project Manager of the Foundation.

However, we don’t forget what Miltonalia is known for. We offer not only a series of great speeches by sometimes unconventional speakers but also extensive networking opportunities and good entertainment,” adds Jacek Spendel, President of the Foundation.

During Miltonalia 2023, we will have the opportunity to listen to speakers from Poland, the United States, Georgia, and Hong Kong.

Milton Friedman Legacy Day is an annual gathering of Polish liberals, libertarians, and free-market advocates. Participants commemorate a man who was one of the pillars of contemporary liberalism, doing it in a way that would please the patron. The event showcases the practical consequences of the actions of great ideas, something that Milton Friedman, the Nobel laureate, thinker, and economist, greatly appreciated.