logo-projekt-arizona-1024x414-1024x414Project Arizona offers meaningful and paid internships, academic seminar at the Arizona State University, broad networking opportunities and even more! All of that in the beautiful scenery of the Valley of the Sun, in the heart of Arizona.

Many young people keep telling us that Project Arizona meets their needs and career expectations but they simply do not have enough funds to take advantage of it. Besides the program costs there are some additional ones and after all it is quite difficult for people from developing countries to cover them. But we have an idea how to fix that problem!

We decided to launch  “Raise me to the top!”: Campaign to elevate young talents. It is an innovative crowdfunding effort designed to make dreams possible. The Campaign supports selected ten individuals willing to realize their dreams by attending Project Arizona. It presents their real life stories and makes strong funding cause. Entire amount of raised money will be dedicated for scholarships. Each student will have a separate virtual fundraising wallet showing how much more he or she needs to raise. In order to help the cause, the Language of Liberty Institute nobly gives each of the selected talents first $500 to start with. Now it’s time to raise the remaining amount. And we believe it’s possible!

You can contribute to the Project Arizona on this website. Select your favourite participants and make their dreams come true!

Freedom under Fire is a TV show that questions the most important issues of public debate in Poland. It’s about principles of freedom and their application in Polish context. Our program is designed to open people’s minds and show them that there is an alternative. Alternative based on simple moral principles, not on trade-offs or particularisms. Our host is Marcin Chmielowski, the most popular Polish libertarian of young generation – experienced journalist and political scientist in one, regularly in Polish national TV, youtube personality with more than one million views of his videos combined. The production quality is assured by Przedmarańcza Company, one of the most experienced companies in video production in Poland, top quality. The screenplay of 10 episodes is filled with the content both sticking to ideas of liberty and compelling to general audience. We will discuss issues from the damaging influence of EU subsidies through the dangerous relation of big business and big government, up to massive unemployment of University graduates. Our promise is to deliver a message that touches problems of the average Poles and present freedom-oriented solutions to that problems. The show will not only suggest right literature and organizations that fight for freedom but also present effective strategies applicable in real world.

Polish-American Leadership Academy is repeated every semester program dedicated to young people who seek career in public sphere. The main aim of the Academy is to educate the next generation of leaders who will shape Poland’s future according to the principles of a free society. We educate students about free-market economics, political philosophy, ethics, and communications. Our classes take place in Katowice, Poland but through e-learning platform we are able to reach young people around the world. The best graduates of Academy, chosen after exams, can become interns at the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix and the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation as well as receiving scholarships to prestigious summer schools in Washington, D.C. (Cato University) and Prague, Czech Republic (American Institute on Political and Economic Systems), and Slovenia (Liberty Seminar). Polish-American Leadership Academy was launched in 2012 when we started first edition of our project. Until now, there were already three editions of Academy that attracted total number of 560 students. We consider it as a big success but not rest on laurels and develop new courses, contemporary available also in English.

Academy of Young Entrepreneurs is another FEF’s semesterlong program. It has an important mission: to complete student’s education by giving them knowledge and abilities (from psychology and law) essential to establish their first business. The Academy’s aim is to unleash potential of new, young entrepreneurs – leaders of free market society. The full program takes one semester, and we run two programs a year. After completion of the whole program, our students submit professionally written business plans. Academy of Young Entrepreneurs is a program for people who know what they want: be independent businessman. Our program awards the best business plan, judged by professional businessmen. Main award is 10.000 PLN (ca. 3.100 USD) – amount of money to run a start-up in our country. Academy addresses the project to young (18-35 years old) people with clear goal to start their own business.

Project “Economics in the Classroom” (www.ekonomiadlazielonych.edu.pl) is focusing on economic education of the high school students. The project aims to promote entrepreneurship and and show how does the market economy work. Our target are high school students, age 14-18. The project is presented to the youth in 10 steps, each step is one webinar and chat. It’s very intuitive and shown in interesting graphic form. First edition of the “Economics in the Classroom” started in April, 2013 and will be completed by the end of June, 2013. We are going to continue the project in the future. “Economics in the Classroom” is a project based on free license from the Lithuanian Free Market Institute.