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Project Arizona

Project Arizona is a semester-long program for young, outstanding leaders of global freedom change. In Phoenix, these international talents attend meaningful internships, academic seminar at Arizona State University (ASU), where they experience wide-ranging and valuable networking. They gain a thorough understanding of the ideas of liberty and how to implement them when they return to their communities.

Mises the movie

Without a doubt, Ludwig von Mises was one of the most important economists in history. Unfortunately, he is commonly known and appreciated only in a narrow circle of experts and enthusiasts - ordinary people don’t know him or his extraordinary achievements. We are going to change this by telling Mises's story in the form of a movie.

Liberty English Camp Italy

From 30 September until 7 October we organized the Liberty English Camp in Italy. Over 30 people discussed freedom in the beautiful area of the Amalfi peninsula. On the camps, we discuss on economics, philosophy and politics.

Grassroots Leadership Academy

On 25-26 August we organized a special edition of the Grassroots Leadership Academy. 5 Iraqi-Kurdish NGO activists came to Warsaw to participate in our training.

Graduates about our projects:

“Project Arizona inspired me to establish my own project, which goes live in 2020. It will be a private corporate university crated by my NGO - the Free Russia Forum.”

Yuri TerekhovRussia

“Thanks to Project Arizona I gained confidence to be even more effective in working for freedom. In Arizona I learned to believe in myselfe, which really changed my life.”

Jorge Andrés Galicia RodríguezVenezuela