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Project Arizona

The 2020 edition was very successful. We managed to increase the number of participants from six to eight people. We built our class with activists from India, Georgia, Ukraine, Austria, Bolivia, China, Ecuador and Argentina. Before participating in our course, each of them acted and worked for freedom in their country.

Mises the movie

Project ”Mises the Movie” has been running since 2017. In 2020 it ended with enormous success: the premiere of ”Human Action,” a documentary about the life, work and legacy of the restorer of the Austrian school. The one and-a-half-hour film records not only Mises’s journey but also the filmmaker’s journey in his footsteps. Marcin Chmielowski and Krzysztof Pawel Bogocz visited places directly related to the economist’s biography: lviv, Vienna and New York.

Milton Friedman Legacy Day

In such a difficult year for events organization, we have managed to propose a return of our original celebration of the memory of one of the most important freedom fighters of the 20th century. Milton Friedman Legacy Day, known as Miltonalia, was held without any obstacles and with plenty of profits for all participants.

Polish-American Leadership Academy

Our flagship course had its fourteenth edition. We have trained successive graduates in the basics of knowledge that is necessary to effectively navigate within the classical liberal third sector. We taught what liberalism & libertarianism is, and how to approach ethical issues. By doing so, we help to generate a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the economy and the idea of a free market. To encourage this, we offer prizes that are probably the best on the Polish market of classical liberal ideas.

Graduates about our projects:

“hanks to the courses organized by PAAL, I finally noticed how many important details I had not noticed before. The Basic Course was a real compendium, thanks to which I systematized my knowledge of philosophy, politics, economics and ethics. The lectures conducted in an extremely interesting way allowed me to assimilate the mass of information extremely easily and made that assimilation unexpectedly pleasant. I would highly recommend it!”

Filip Roguszka2nd place winner of the 14th edition of PAAL

“Participation in Miltton Friedman Legacy Day 2020 was an opportunity to establish new contacts and refresh old ones in the Polish freedom movement. I received valuable advice on brevity and clarity of speech from more experienced participants. Thanks to the participation of young people, I had the opportunity to observe the current development of the environment and even the evolution of the language used. It was a valuable insight into short-term and long-term development opportunities, both in individual and social activities.”

Agnieszka Płonkaparticipant in Milton Friedman Legacy Day