Dear Future Benefactors,

Growth of the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation, it’s future and future perspectives for the cause of Liberty in Poland, rely solely  on the financial stability. Our Foundation is fully funded from private sources: fees, grants, and donations. We do not accept public source of funding what makes us independent from any sort of political pressure. The fact that we do not use taxpayers’ money is very exceptional in Poland where most of the educational institutions are heavily funded by either Polish government or the European Union. We believe in freedom and responsibility, thus we want to be faithful to these ideas. We can make it happen only with support of the people who share these believes and value our hard educational work. People like you.

Our projects are growing but we cannot maintain appropriate rate of development without sufficient funds. Support of our like-minded friends will help us continue generating sound scholarship and strategic plans to  defend and expand freedom in Poland. We hope that through our efforts, Poland will become in Europe what America is to the world:  A model of liberty. Please thoughtfully consider making a contribution of your choice.  Please consider a donation to the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation. To secure future of young generation, the future of Freedom.

Below, there is description of three options to support us.  If you have any question or suggestion, please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you!


Jacek Spendel

Founder & CEO
Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation

I. Donation via PayPal:

We gladly accept PayPal donations which you can make either via the PayPal button (on the right side of this page) or by clicking HERE. What’s important, PayPal allows to use credit card to process donation.

II. Donation via international bank wire:

Please wire us the amount of your choice (in any currency) to the bank account which data are stated below:

Our Name: Fundacja Wolnosci i Przedsiebiorczosci
Our Address: Asnyka str. 6, 40-696 Katowice, Poland
IBAN: PL 79 1140 2017 0000 4212 0125 8060
Bank’s Name: mBank Bankowosc Detaliczna BRE Banku SA
Bank’s Address: Skrytka pocztowa 2108, 90-959 Lodz, Poland