Meet Our Team

Jacek Spendel

President and Founder

Founder and President of the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation. He is also a President of Liberty International Organization.

Jacek obtained master’s degree in sociology from the University of Silesia in Katowice. He also studied at Georgetown University in Washington, DC and Jagiellonian University in Cracow where he was a PhD candidate in political philosophy (unfinished). Over the years, Jacek accumulated experience in management from KoLiber Association (President, 2006-2007) and Globalization Institute (Project Manager, 2005-2012). During that period he interned at various institutions, including: Kodak Eastman Company (USA), Goldwater Institute (USA), Institute for Free Enterprise (Germany). He is also alumni of two programs of The Fund for American Studies: AIPES in Prague, and Capital Semester in Washington, DC.

Jacek strengthened his management skills with Think Tank MBA and ATLAS Leadership Academy (2013). He practiced them in many projects, among them: organization of dozen Liberty English Camps, directorship at Polish-American Leadership Academy, production of 12-episodes of Freedom under Fire video series , and coordination of ESFL in Poland. He also used to run his own pizza business in Katowice. Currently he is busy with Project Arizona, internship-educational project for international students he runs in Phoenix.

Contact: [email protected]

Marcin Chmielowski

Project Manager

Doctor of philosophy and master in political science who also completed postgraduate studies in central banking. Manager in the sector of NGOs. Marcin is a vice president of the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation, a Polish organization founded ten years ago and constantly working to educate a new generation of libertarian leaders. Screenwriter and director of full-length documentaries: "Human Action" devoted to the life of Ludwig von Mises and "Forgotten. History of the Krakow School of Economics". Author of two books, several scientific articles about history of ideas, libertarianism and collective intelligence. Marcin is also a columnist, podcaster, public speaker and commentator.

Sebastian Węglarz

Digital Marketing Manager

Libertarian activist, third sector activist, journalist, social media and digital marketing specialist. Scholar of Atlas Network Academy, Objective Standard Institute and Ayn Rand Center Europe. Has worked for, among others. Currently heads the communication for Liberty International and the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation. His adventure with the third sector began with his activity in the Libertarian Association, where he remains active to this day.

Magdalena Spendel

Project Manager

she studied economics and got masters degree at the University of Wrocław. During her studies she got interested in economic transformation but also in economic crisis of euro zone and theory of economics, especially Austrian School of Economics. This year she is publishing her first book which will touch the problem of Estonian economic transformation during the 90s. She works for Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation and coordinates Polish-American Leadership Academy. In her free time she likes to spend time in the nature. She loves animals, likes horse riding and is a horse riding instructor. She is also an amateur mountain biker.

She is a Polish-American Leadership Academy’s Director. She also helps with Project Arizona, website development and social media.

FIlip Roguszka

Project Manager

Filip is a student and a libertarian who works as a project manager in our Foundation. He is an advocate for promoting freedom and entrepreneurship among young people, but he also strives to reach out to middle-aged women with our message. He is a fan of Kaczmarski's music and enthusiastic about Georgia.

Marcin Szekiel

Junior Project Manager

Graduate of the University of Warsaw, student of the Warsaw School of Economics and the European University Viadrina, with professional experience in IT consulting. Winner of the Polish-American Academy of Leaders. Graduate of the Mises Institute School of Economics (exam passed with honours). Volunteer translator for Dunaj Dialogue Institute in Warsaw. Involved in youth political activism. Honorary blood donor. Dedicated traveller and mountain climber.