On the occasion of Poland’s Independence Day, President Andrzej Duda awarded Lawrence W. Reed, a historian and economist, friend of Poland and our Foundation, with the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland.

The award is a token of gratitude from all Poles who appreciate Larry Reed’s contribution to supporting democratic change in Poland. We recall that Larry first visited our country in the 1980s. It was then that he established contact with the anti-communist underground and became an advocate for the Polish cause in the American libertarian community. Many years later, already in a free Poland, he has continued to support our homegrown libertarian movement with his knowledge, advice, achievements, and contacts. As the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation, an organization that owes him a great deal, we are immensely pleased with his distinction. Our delegation, consisting of Dr. Marcin Chmielowski, project manager, and Grzegorz Piątkowski, chairman of the FWiP Program Council, attended the meeting with Larry.