Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation, together with Language of Liberty Institute and PAFERE, are proud to invite all liberty lovers from all around the world to the next edition of Liberty English Camp! This year, it will take place from 9 to 12 August in a small village near Cracow – Ponikiew. Our keynote speaker will be Lawrence Reed, the president of the Foundation for Economic Education!

Liberty English Camps are a unique phenonenon – nowhere else in the world you can meet the giants of the liberty movement in such circumstances: we replaced sterile university halls with cosy rooms of local recreation centres, and instead of a hotel lobby, you can do networking on the bank of a river or while hiking on a mountain! Every year, our events are organized in small, picturesque towns or villages – located far enough from large cities to enable participants to avoid the city clamor, but at the same time close enough to make transportation there convenient and cheap.

A lot of interesting speakers will appear in Ponikiew, and the list is constantly expanding! Details and registration can be found here: http://localhost/liberty-english-camp-2018/