“People sometimes ask me if we stand with political left or right? The answer is easy: we are apolitical, we promote ideas – not certain political agendas. But most of all, we stand for individual liberty and individual rights. That differentiate us from most political players in the era of identity politics and collectivist’ approach to the legislative process. We believe that not a nanny state but every citizen should be responsible for life decisions regardless of position held in society. Today collectivism and group-thinking are trendy again: both left and right want to push high scale redistribution for their favorites (various special interest groups) and generously finance ideological agendas they prefer for society. There is too much We vs. They which sometimes looks like warming up for the final solution. That collectivist agenda almost always generates bad emotions like hate which escalates with the temperature of political dispute. Brutal war of political tribes can be stopped only if they loose their dangerous toys. That requires government’s roll back to its basic functions thus allowing human action to flourish, without taking sides. This is our prospect of free society, this is what we aim for in our activities. Thank you for being with us another year!”

Jacek Spendel, CEO