One could say that after the first weekend of October, we are left with nothing but memories. Let’s add to that plenty of photos, souvenirs and books about freedom – naturally, the participants couldn’t complain about the lack of gadgets and educational packages. However, what’s more important, they came back with new friendships, inspirations, heads full of ideas and willingness to act (towards freedom, of course!). All of that thanks to the Fifth Milton Friedman Freedom Congress, which took place on October 2-4, 2020 in Gogolin.

The event has been organized by the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation for over 3 months. Today, we can openly say that the weekend spent in good company was the most pleasant part of the whole process – the culmination of logistic, promotional, creative and organizational work of our whole team!

This year’s Freedom Congress was also an opportunity to hold a pre-premiere show of “Human Action” – a documentary film about Ludwig von Mises. It was preceded by a conversation with the authors, Dr. Marcin Chmielowski – Vice President of our Foundation – and Paweł Bogocz, who shared with listeners their personal accounts from the movie set. The premiere was undoubtedly a perfect opening for the whole Congress and made everyone want more!

Fortunately, all 3 days were intensive. They were filled with lectures, workshops and discussion panels on freedom and freedom-related topics. What’s more, topics were not obvious –  they made us think and ask questions after each speech. We came back to the source, analyzed freedom in economic, historical, social, and even moral terms! All of that on a national and international scale. We would like to thank all our speakers for giving us the opportunity to create a dialogue, obtain a dose of new knowledge and previously unknown perspectives. You can now watch some of the lectures, as well as interviews with the speakers online on VETO Youtube channel: LINK Thank you for the platform that allowed us to reach even more people!

What else?

  • The bookseller’s booth from Fijorr Publishing didn’t have to wait long for its new readers and buyers
  • In the #OpenMic section it was our (mostly young) participants who took the floor on issues that are vital for the current liberty-environment, such as the condition and plans of the organizations in which they operate. There was no shortage of constructive criticism, but – above all – a focus on solutions and real actions.
  • The evening integration was great and per usual… definitely too short!

We would like to thank all co-organizers, partners and speakers. And most importantly. to you – the participants – without whom the Freedom Congress could not take place.

See you next year!

Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation team